Here’s What You Need to Know about Our Roofing Materials

Your choice of roofing material can affect your home’s style, your roof’s performance, and it’s life span. Kanga Roof Austin, as one of the best local roofers in our area, offers three primary roofing materials: metal, tile, and asphalt roofing. This variety allows our customers to select the material that fits their needs and their budget. Each of […]

Dealing with Common Commercial Roof Problems

Proper roof maintenance is essential to keep your commercial roof performing throughout its service life. When your commercial roof reaches the latter part of its expected life span, roof problems can begin to appear. It’s best to work with a qualified expert like us to keep your roof in good condition. Kanga Roof Austin, the […]

How Kanga Roof Austin Can Fix These Top Causes of Roof Leaks

Issues with your roofing system can lead to a significant investment of time and money. It’s important that you understand how your roof functions and what causes it to leak. This will help you when you have to call a roofing contractor for inspections and repairs. Kanga Roof Austin, formerly Feller Roofing, the trusted asphalt […]

What You Need to Know About Storm Damage to Your Roof

Kanga Roof Austin, formerly Feller Roofing is the roofing company homeowners can rely on when their homes experience a storm. We can help you when you need emergency repairs right away. We can assess the damage to your roof and determine if you need to file a claim with your insurance company. If you end […]

The Features and Benefits of Our Flat Roofing Options

Flat roofs are an excellent choice for commercial properties because they are less complicated, easier to install, and have lower maintenance needs compared with pitched roofs. Feller Roofing is not just an expert in asphalt shingles; we can also install, maintain, and repair flat roofs. We specialize in two commercial roofing materials: modified bitumen roofing […]

Kanga Roof Austin Explains the Benefits of GAF®’s Warranties

Kanga Roof Austin, formerly Feller Roofing is one of the best roofers in the local area because we have earned the prestigious GAF® Master Elite™ contractor certification. To earn this status, we had to pass strict requirements, undergo continuous training and recertification, and maintain a reputation as one of the top roofing companies in our […]

The Features and Benefits of Our Roofing Material Choices

Kanga Roofing formerly Feller Roofing is one of the top roofers in our local area because of the quality and variety of our roofing services. We can install asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, and slate roofs for your home. Each roofing material has distinct benefits and they make a home look beautiful in different ways. […]

Ways a Leaking Roof Can Cause Problems for Your Home

Water damage is a serious concern, so if your roof is leaking then you need to call a qualified roofing company to repair it as soon as possible. Kanga Roof, formerly Feller Roofing, is one of the best roofers in our local area. We are a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, a designation that puts us […]

Advice on Hiring a Reliable Roofing Contractor for Your Job

You need to work with the right people for a stress-free and successful roof installation, as your choice of contractor has a major effect on your roof’s life span, performance, and durability. As an asphalt roofing expert, we highly recommend researching your roofing contractor before hiring them. Kanga Roof Austin, formerly Feller Roofing, explains: Check […]

Why Low-Slope Roofs Work Best for Commercial Buildings

Kanga Roof, formerly Feller Roofing, doesn’t just install asphalt shingles; we can also install low-slope roofs for commercial buildings. Low-slope roofs, sometimes called flat roofs, offer many advantages for commercial properties. They are easier and more affordable to install compared with a sloped roof of equivalent size and easier to maintain. Learn more about low-slope […]